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On tangled ground…

…is where I find myself, where I have been for so long. Lost in a dark wood. From time to time I have seen glimpses of sunlight beyond the trees.

Since June of this year I have left the job I loved, lost daily contact with the animals I worked with, lost the two cats who shared my home, had my old dog put to sleep, nursed my father through his terminal illness and closed his eyes for the last time, seen my 83 year old mother strapped into a restraint before being detained in a psychiatric hospital under the mental health act and undergoing ECT sessions.

But…I think things are calming down again. Mother is out of hospital and seems to be back to normal. I’ve had a job interview for working with animals again. I may even start making photographs again.





Rain Bonnet


Wolstonbury Hill


An outlier of the South Downs in West Sussex, England. It has Bronze Age and Iron Age remains on the summit.


Brighton Street



Frosty Morning, Albourne



Four Elements

Don’t mess with Momma!

Sheep and daughter ABC Sanctuary, West Sussex.

Wolstonbury Hill behind Vines

Quite a “straight” picture for me. In camera jpeg conversion of RAW file. Polarising filter. Straight out of the camera. West Sussex, England.


Tree Ghosts

Umbelliferous 2

Well, it’s some time since Umbelliferous 1.


The Arun Valley from Houghton Hill




End of Season

An in-camera conversion to jpeg of RAW capture. Red filter setting. Straight from the camera. (Nikon D3000). Littlehampton, West Sussex.

On Ditchling Common

Ooo! I’ve come over all Ravilious! Samsung compact again, and a bit of dodge/burn.


Lady and the Tramp

Rescue Cat…cropped!

More impact?

Rescue Cat

Plenty of cats needing homes at ABC Sanctuary, West Chiltington, West Sussex. Save them from the scary man!

(Another pic from the Samsung s1065 compact.)

Albourne with a compact

And a bit of dodge, burn and blur!



Another one from the Samsung s1065 compact.



Compactivity 1

I’ve bought myself a “new” camera! For some time I’ve wanted a compact that will fit in a pocket and that I can take anywhere. Whilst having a mooch around Brighton a couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a second-hand phone shop, which also had a few cameras. And there was just the sort of thing I was after. A second-hand Samsung s1065. A dinky little compact, with some limited manual functionality. £25. Bargain! And it’s pink! Pink cameras are the best sort of cameras.

I didn’t know anything about this camera, and the shop offered no SD card, no documentation, no guarantee. I still don’t know much about it – I assume it’s a few years old. It works fine. And I’m very pleased with the pics. It will certainly do until I can afford a Fujifilm x10!


Apple Basket