Photography here and there, mainly in Sussex, England.

I first started with a simple “box” camera back in the 1960s. In my late teenage I got my first SLR, a Russian made “Zenit B”. This was a fully manual camera on which I learned the basics – aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, etc. After the Zenit I had a couple of slightly more modern, but still basic manual SLRs.

And then there was a big gap until about 4 years ago (2006), when I got my first digital camera – a basic compact. Since then I’ve had a Panasonic Lumix FZ7 – a compact with a big zoom, and also borrowed a Sony Alpha 200. The Sony was my first experience with a DSLR.

Since June 2011 I have my own Nikon D3000 and I’m very pleased with it.

I mainly shoot in RAW and use Photivo and/or The Gimp to convert the images. (These are free, open-source software – I run Linux on my laptop.)

Update 11 October 2011
I have recently decided to adopt a “minimal mucking about approach” and, to that end, my most recent pics have come straight from the D3000 with only some cropping done in The Gimp.

Update 6 November 2011
I find that to get satisfactory landscape pictures, I do need to use more than the MMAA mentioned above! At the very least I need different “exposures” for the sky and ground.

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