On tangled ground…

…is where I find myself, where I have been for so long. Lost in a dark wood. From time to time I have seen glimpses of sunlight beyond the trees.

Since June of this year I have left the job I loved, lost daily contact with the animals I worked with, lost the two cats who shared my home, had my old dog put to sleep, nursed my father through his terminal illness and closed his eyes for the last time, seen my 83 year old mother strapped into a restraint before being detained in a psychiatric hospital under the mental health act and undergoing ECT sessions.

But…I think things are calming down again. Mother is out of hospital and seems to be back to normal. I’ve had a job interview for working with animals again. I may even start making photographs again.

3 responses

  1. Peter, very good to hear from you again, albeit under dreadful circumstances. I can only say, hang on in there; years ago, I went through woes too, and found that the only way is forward. I hope very much that your mother does not suffer any relapses, and that you soon get back working with animals again, which is certainly therapeutic. As to photography, well there is ample evidence that that’s therapeutic too, and it would be very good to see more of your images. Adrian

    29 November , 2018 at 09:38

    • Thank you very much for your kind words Adrian. Much appreciated. The photo muse hasn’t quite bitten again yet…but we’ll see. I recently looked at my Flickr page for the first time in ages. I rather like those pics!

      Gordon & Jess

      Happy Christmas to you.

      24 December , 2018 at 14:55

      • I like your Flickr images too, Peter, there’s certainly something there. Don’t strain for the muse, just sit back and see what happens. A very good Christmas, and New Year, to you too. A šŸ™‚

        24 December , 2018 at 15:08

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