Hurstpierpoint 3

2 responses

  1. I prefer version 2 here – if I were taking this version 3, I’d remove all of the foreground below the seat’s nearest leg, and all of the picture to the right of the seat – and then the seat (or anyone sitting on the seat) would appear to be looking at the house on the left. Hope you don’t my commenting like this, hope its useful! Adrian

    19 November , 2011 at 12:54

    • Not at all! That’s actually very useful. I kept the tree on the right as a “framing” element, without really thinking about it. It was a bit lazy. Without even doing it, I can see your suggested crop in my mind’s eye and it immediately feels better. I shall have a fiddle in the next couple of days (oo-er missus.)

      19 November , 2011 at 18:35

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